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Frequently asked questions about renting from RAM Automotive.

All cars will be up to 18 months old and still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Typically, the longer your initial rental term the newer the vehicle

We do our best to get vehicles to you as quickly as possible once your application has been successfully completed. In certain circumstances this can take up to 2 weeks.


No, you are required to take a comprehensive insurance on the vehicle which clearly states that RAM automotive own the vehicle. You will need to submit a valid copy of your insurance document before taking the vehicle. RAM will conduct frequent checks to ensure comprehensive insurance on the vehicle is maintained. Failure to do is a breach of the contract and the vehicle will be collected immediately. It is also a legal requirement to keep the car fully insured.


All 6 – 12month contracts are new vehicles so are designed to avoid maintenance costs, shorter term contacts do include maintenance. (up to 3 months) Contracts over 12 months do not include maintenance. You will responsible for ensuring this is carried out with a main dealer in the correct schedule and provide evidence to RAM automotive.



Yes, on all contracts


Yes, vehicles have full manufacturer’s warranty and assistance.

Yes, we do complete a credit check on each application to ensure traceability and affordability but we do not credit score. You will need to provide evidence to help the underwriting of your application and all data is handled within GDPR requirements.

We do not charge a set up or processing fee

Yes, we charge an admin fee of £35 + VAT for any traffic or parking and toll offence that may be received.

Collection from our offices is free of charge and delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK contact us for charges to your area. At the end of your contract you can opt to replace your vehicle at no extra delivery costs or return your vehicle

You pay up front the facility fee (none refundable) and the months rental in advance in addition to the fully refundable deposit. You then pay month for your rental for the length of the contract.

Yes, simply give RAM one month’s notice and you can end your contract early. There are no charges for doing this*

*you will be liable for any outstanding fines or damage to the vehicle as well as collection charges and the initial facility fee is non refundable or returnable.

Much lower up front costs no MOT’s or service costs** and the ability to cancel at anytime without costs of termination your flexible alternative. You are not locked in.

**Except on contracts over 12 months  

Keeping up your monthly payments, paying any penalties you incur and keeping up your comprehensive insurance. You are also responsible for maintaining the car in good order including tyres and oils etc.

No. All charges will be shown clearly on your rental agreement.

Yes, to help track the vehicle movements, speeds, mileage and location. This information is used to monitor the vehicle against its use and ensure it is driven within the law. In the event of theft it helps the police recover the vehicle.